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Last Refresh: 21/10/2021 16:43
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Resolved Zone 3 All Data Stores website is unavailable
20/10/2021 17:26 An update to has been applied and the service is functioning correctly.
19/10/2021 11:12 Access to remains unavailable and is being investigated.
Further updates to follow.
Resolved Zone 3 No Data Store Aurora and ViewIT portals loading issues
19/10/2021 10:50 The overnight update has resolved the issue of “exporting data from the grid views” remains unavailable. Further updates to follow.
18/10/2021 16:59 We are actively working on the resolution to both the issues highlighted previously and currently testing the proposed fixes. If successful, the updates will be applied to the system this evening.
18/10/2021 13:31 Aurora is now stable, with the speed issues having been resolved.

The focus is now on resolving the "exporting data from grid views" issue, along with testing a solution for the
18/10/2021 09:40 We are currently investigating reports of the Aurora running slowly.
Roadworksscotland is also being affected and has been disabled.
Resolved Zone 3 No Data Store Slow response on Aurora mapping
13/10/2021 14:42 An issue with the Aurora Mapping Service was identified, the issue is now resolved.

The Aurora Mapping Service is functioning as expected.
13/10/2021 11:43 We are currently investigating reports of the Aurora Mapping Service loading slowly and with limited functionality.

We will keep you updated of our investigations
Resolved Zone 3 No Data Store Problems accessing the SRWR Mobile Apps on Android devices
05/10/2021 16:18 This issue is now closed. We have created a "Known Issue" item on the Aurora portal page relating to the Android update that triggered the problem, which also lists the instructions to resolve the problem.
A longer-term automated solution is being worked upon which will adopted into the core product in the near future.
01/10/2021 17:51 We are currently investigating the possibility of applying a change which will avoid the problems encountered on Android devices. In the meantime please follow the instructions below to ensure access to the SRWR Android Mobile Apps.
01/10/2021 12:46 Update:
During our investigations we have identified the following workaround, which will allow access to the Insight applications:
In Samsung devices, disabling this should be done as follows:
1) Go to Settings
2) Go to Biometrics and security
3) Go to Other security settings
4) Go to View security certificates
5) Disable "Digital Signature Trust Co." / "DST Root CA X3"

On other Android devices, the disabling seems to be:
1) Go to Settings
2) Go to Security
3) Go to Encryption & Credential
4) Go to Trusted Credentials
5) Disable "Digital Signature Trust Co." / "DST Root CA X3"
01/10/2021 12:17 We have been made aware of an issue affecting people using the Aurora mobile app on Android devices. Those experiencing the problem are unable to access all SRWR Mobile Applications. The problem has been recreated and Symology are investigating. We are aware of other companies experiencing the same issues with Android devices - it appears to be a problem with Android. We will keep you informed on progress.