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Last Refresh: 18/08/2022 12:38
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Resolved Zone 3 All Data Stores Aurora map services running slowly
16/08/2022 16:38 After restarting the services performance has improved. We will continue to monitor this.
16/08/2022 15:30 We are investigating reports that the Aurora mapping services are running slowly. Updates will be posted shortly.
Resolved All Zones All Data Stores Street Manager communication issues
02/08/2022 08:45 DfT Street Manager communication has remained stable since the outage. Symology support have now addressed the bulk of the issues raised by customers, so this incident is now marked as resolved. Please report any further related issues via support in the usual manner.
28/07/2022 09:19 The DfT solution continues to be operational, we will keep this incident open here for now, due to the considerable number of transaction gaps suffered by our customers. Should you identify issues with your permits or other Street Manager transactions, please inform our support service as normal. Ideally, collate related issues into a single email with as much detail as possible, and submit to Note, the Support Team have a significant backlog of cases already, and expect to be addressing the bulk of them over the next few days.
27/07/2022 09:21 The DfT Street Manager API is currently operational, we are not seeing the performance/outage issues we did throughout the day yesterday. That said, we are aware that the DfT Street Manager UI itself has ongoing errors.

The significant disruption yesterday with DfT communications has led to transactions failing, gaps and sequencing problems. These issues can lead to various problems with specific permits in your Symology system.

Please inform our support service of any related issues, passing on as much information as possible to help them prioritise, diagnose and resolve these issues promptly. Please bear with our staff as they manage this challenging process.
26/07/2022 16:27 Our Connection Manager services are processing Street Manager transactions, however there is still a significant backlog and ongoing related issues. We will continue to process and monitor the situation.
26/07/2022 13:04 We have an update from the DfT:
"From 08:30 am this morning we have been experiencing an issue that impacts API and user interface users.

We have identified the cause of the issue and we have identified a fix that will be applied this evening at 5:30 pm.

Currently the system is beginning to recover and it should be possible to use it. It may not have fully recovered by close of business today e.g. some transactions may continue to fail or timeout until the fix is applied this evening. The advice from DfT is that the service is used this afternoon for issuing starts and stops, immediate permits, assessing permits that need urgent review and other priority transactions. Where possible, please leave raising of planned works, FPN and similar until tomorrow."

In light of this, Symology will attempt to restart our API services and carefully monitor progress.
26/07/2022 11:15 We understand the DfT have identified the issue and are working on remedial action.
26/07/2022 10:16 We have a brief update from the DfT: We're experiencing very heavy CPU usage and the team are looking into the cause as I type. We're asking people to stay out of the service for the moment as the (entirely natural) constant retrying is adding to the usage.
26/07/2022 09:43 It appears both Street Manager UI and API users are suffering from an issue, with a 504 error reported for UI customers. We are awaiting an update from the DfT. Our Symology services appear normal and we are continuing to monitor the situation.
26/07/2022 09:07 We understand there are issues with DfT Street Manager communication, certainly customers reporting related issues. We will provide updates here as we learn more and investigate for ourselves.
Resolved Zone 3 All Data Stores SRWR Inspector App - requires data download from tomorrow
27/07/2022 20:25 The new dataset has been successfully created. All SRWR Inspector app users should proceed to clear data and fetch the new data as instructed.
27/07/2022 15:00 We have identified a problem with the SRWR Inspector App when recording an inspection - pressing the Site Results button can cause the app to crash.

A process will be run this evening (Wednesday 27th July 2022) to rebuild the data used by the app.

Once this is completed by the next morning (from Thursday 28th July) users should either use the 3-dot menu in the top-right corner and select Clear Data, or alternatively, uninstall and reinstall the app. In both cases, this will force the app to download the new corrected data.