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Last Refresh: 13/06/2021 22:21
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Open All Zones All Data Stores Essential maintenance on Symology systems
11/06/2021 15:21 At 1800 on Friday the 11th of June work will be carried out on the Connection Manager and Aurora services. No disruption is expected but due to the nature of the work the service should be considered 'at risk'. The work is expected to take approximately 1 hour.
All Clear All Zones All Data Stores Street Manager Communication Issues
04/06/2021 11:23 We have identified the cause of the intermittent performance problem and have updated the service configuration to resolve the issue. We will continue to monitor the service to ensure the change has been successful.
04/06/2021 09:52 We have received reports of intermittent performance issues when sending / receiving Street Manager Transactions. Our Infrastructure team are currently investigating and we will provide an update shortly.
Resolved Zone 3 No Data Store Intermittent problems accessing Aurora.
21/05/2021 08:36 No further problems have been reported and Microsoft report the issue has been resolved yesterday at 16:30.
20/05/2021 17:12 While the issue disappeared this morning around 0830 it now appears to have re-surfaced. We have contacted Microsoft for a resolution.
20/05/2021 08:44 The issue appears to have been resolved by Microsoft at approximately 0830. We will keep the case open until we are confident the issue has been resolved. We will publish any RCA we receive.
20/05/2021 08:42 This morning between approximately 0745 and 0830 some customers were reporting problems connecting to Aurora. Although unconfirmed this appears to have been caused by a DNS issue in Azure who host the service.