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All Clear Zone 1 & 2 All Data Stores Insight RDWEB dropping connections
15/07/2024 15:45 Our rolling back the latest Microsoft server updates has resolved out connection gateway stability issues, all services have resumed with normal operation. Thanks for your patience with this issue.
15/07/2024 14:51 As a number of users are active in Zone 1, we will hold off restarting these servers until 3:15 pm, giving customers a chance to communicate this message and save work. The restart process will take around 10 minutes to complete, after which we should be back to normal service across all customer sites.
15/07/2024 14:37 Zone 2 has had the Microsoft patches removed, so far this appears to have solved the issue. Zone 1 servers will now also be addressed in the same manner.
15/07/2024 14:17 With immediate effect, we will now roll back what appears to be problematic Windows Server Updates from Microsoft. This will cause all users who are connected to lose connection, however the service quality is not stable so we have taken the decision to do this now rather than outside office hours.

As each server is restarted, there will be loss of your Insight session and connection, so please save your work regularly and log out if you are not using your current connected Insight service.
15/07/2024 14:07 The fault has recurred in Zone 1 again, we are working to resolve the problem in both zones. We will continue to focus on a resolution for this fault as a priority.
15/07/2024 13:12 We are still working to resolve this issue, we have stability in Zone 1 but are still seeing the problem in Zone 2. Apologies for this inconvenience, please be assured we are doing all we can.
15/07/2024 11:34 Some cases are still occurring, however the impact appears reduced. Our team are still working on this issue. A further update will follow.
15/07/2024 10:35 Some customers are reporting some staff having difficulties getting or maintaining connection with Insight sessions. Some are unable to connect, others are being disconnected shortly after establishing a connection. We are investigating this and will provide an update as soon as we have more details.
All Clear Zone 3 No Data Store Essential Aurora maintenance
10/07/2024 20:46 This work is now complete.
10/07/2024 20:15 The Aurora maintenance work has started, the system will be offline until 21:00
05/07/2024 15:21 On Wednesday 10th July 2024 between 20:00 and 21:00 we will be performing essential maintenance. During this time Aurora and related services will be unavailable.
All Clear Zone 3 No Data Store Essential Maintenance - Aurora
03/07/2024 21:46 This work is now complete.
03/07/2024 21:03 The Aurora maintenance work has started, the system will be offline until 21:00
03/07/2024 18:03 Tonight at 21:00 we will be performing essential maintenance on the Aurora. The work will run for up to an hour. We will post updates on this when work has started and when the system is available.
All Clear Zone 3 No Data Store Aurora Mapping Issues
01/07/2024 11:34 Normal service has resumed. The issue has been resolved by restarting the mapping services.
01/07/2024 11:16 We are still experiencing issues with the Mapping Service. We believe we have identified the root cause and are applying a fix now.
01/07/2024 09:07 Due to issues with Aurora map performance, we are intending to restart the map services. We apologise for this inconvenience and will provide updates here as soon as possible.
All Clear Zone 1 & 2 All Data Stores Mapping Unavailable Insight Customers
01/07/2024 11:13 Users should no longer be seeing issues with Insight Mapping - however some monitoring is suggesting there are some residual issues - All users of Insight should Log off and Log back on again to ensure they have picked up the configuration changes that were required to resolve the mapping issues.
01/07/2024 08:49 We have identified the issue with the Insight Mapping and performance should now be returning to expected levels.
01/07/2024 08:24 We are aware of a mapping Issue occurring for Insight users. Our Service Delivery Team are currently working to resolve the issue. We will update further on here when information is available.